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Bamboo blanket

Bamboo blankets are becoming more and more popular, many people buy it because it is fashionable, others are guided by the advice of friends, but in general, the fact remains that a blanket with bamboo filling is bought most often.

Bamboo blanket, types and characteristics

Varieties of bamboo fiber by production method:

  • of natural origin, but artificially produced, it is made from a bamboo plant by the method of softening and turning wood into a soft fibrous structure, which then, after passing through several stages of purification, is used as a filler;
  • both artificial production and origin, since polyester is used as a raw material, from which an anti-allergenic fiber is made in the future, which in its properties is almost identical to natural;

Types of bamboo blankets by filler composition:

  • 100% natural bamboo fiber;
  • 100% artificial bamboo;
  • part of natural bamboo fiber and part of antiallergenic fluffer, proportions may vary depending on the model and manufacturer;

Bamboo blanket pros and cons

the pluses include:

  • the fibers of this filler perfectly absorb moisture, therefore, contribute to the creation of a comfortable microclimate during sleep;
  • does not cause allergic reactions;
  • possesses bactericidal property, is not susceptible to colonization by pathogens, this feature also manifests itself well during respiratory diseases, extinguishing the active reproduction of bacteria;
  • possesses a porous structure, due to which, with low weight, it exhibits good thermal insulation properties;
  • can be used both in summer, the most common option, and in the cold season, with an increased density of the filler;
  • without restrictions, it can be used by people with sensitive and very sensitive skin, as well as children from the very first days of birth;
  • perfectly follows the contours of the body, thereby gently and without restriction of movement conserves body heat;
  • the downside is the high price for bamboo blankets with natural bamboo fiber.

Buy bamboo blanket in the online store Textil.best

           We offer bamboo blankets ranging from the lowest price category to luxury models. In the most popular dimensions: bamboo blanket 200x220cm, euro; 172x205cm - double, 140x205cm - one and a half. Ukrainian, such as Leleka, as well as Turkish and German manufacturers with various types of bamboo fillers with the only unifying factor is the high quality of products. Feedback from our customers, as well as a convenient filter and a complete description - all for convenience and completeness of information about the goods. To get your favorite blanket with bamboo fiber, you just need to place an order on our website and select the form of payment and delivery, and then receive it at a convenient branch of the transport company. And that's it, no queues and hustle and bustle in the transport or shop - quickly and easily.

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