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Bath towel

Bath towel

    Beautiful and high-quality bath towels are always popular and make life convenient and comfortable. Terry bath towel 100 cotton is a favorite of consumer preferences. And it is not surprising, because the long-known properties of cotton fiber to absorb moisture and quickly evaporate it have been known for a long time. And the improved and perfected technologies for the manufacture of terry cloth from cotton have made it possible to increase the absorbency many times over in comparison with the usual smooth fabric. A terry bath towel is more than five times more dry than a smooth towel. Linen absorbs moisture better than cotton, and bamboo fiber surpasses both linen and cotton fabric in this indicator.

What should be good quality bath towels?

  • preferably natural fabric - cotton, bamboo, linen, since at high temperatures it will not cause burns on the body and will not change its structure or deform;
  • a bath towel should absorb water well and dry quickly, this is ensured due to the special structure of the fabric - usually it is made in the form of loops, which increasing the area of ​​moisture absorption, provide dryness of the body in a short period of time;
  • also, bath towels should be sufficiently soft, because they are used when the body is in a particularly sensitive steamed state, after taking a bath, shower or after bath procedures;
  • high density from 500 g / m2 to 700 g / m2 provides optimal water absorption of the bath towel and its long service life, and also ensures not too large product weight;
  • a bath towel for high-quality performance of its functions must be of sufficient size, the most popular 70x140cm, then 70x150cm and 100x150cm - one of the largest sizes that can be used as a body cover in a sauna or steam room;

Why is it better to buy a bath towel online?

    Our catalog contains bath towels made in Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus, in a single version, as well as in sets. Various designs and decorations in the form of lace, embroidery, rhinestones, thematic prints, as well as designs in the form of jacquard fabrics will help create a unique atmosphere of coziness and comfort in the bathroom. Bath towels can add missing paint and refresh the bathroom quickly and easily. And they can also serve as a gift for a dear person on the occasion of a solemn event or holiday. After all, a beautiful bath towel is a welcome gift, especially if you take into account the personality traits and choose a gift based on them. Then the present will be remembered for a long time and will stand out from the general context, bringing positive emotions.

A convenient filter, multiple photos, customer reviews will help you get a complete picture of the selected bath towel. And the managers of the Textil.best online store will answer all your questions for a quick and convenient order.

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