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Plaid bedspread

      Plaid bedspread is a convenient option for a beautiful decoration of a bedroom, and most importantly, practical. After all, a blanket blanket can be used as a bedspread, it will fit comfortably on the sofa and on the bed, also as a blanket and in the form of a light blanket.

Plaid bedspread - comfortable and practical

Over time, things become more and more, and space is less and less, therefore multifunctional home textiles are appreciated, which performs several functions at once, taking up a minimum of space.

Plaid bedspread refers to just this type of textile, because with the development of new materials, design ideas that seemed like a dream have become a reality. Various textures, imitation of a fur surface, embossing, allow us to embody the most daring and diverse designs.

Bedspread plaids sizes

Various manufacturers produce, as a rule, a blanket blanket according to its size, there is no single dimensional grid. But in general, they share the well-known and generally accepted sizes.

Plaid bedspread one-and-a-half, as a rule, sizes vary from 140 by 210 cm to 160 by 220 cm, can be used on a one-and-a-half bed in the form of a bedspread or as a blanket for one person;

Blanket blanket double, size from 170x210cm to 185x220cm, used as a blanket for a double bed, as well as a blanket for two or one person;

Plaid bedspread euro 200x220cm, there may be options 195 by 215cm, a convenient option and very common, suitable for a euro bed in the form of a bedspread, as well as a blanket for several people;

Plaid bedspread 220x240cm large enough, with a margin will be enough for a euro bed and in the form of a blanket for a friendly company or for a large family.

Buy a blanket bedspread on the bed and on the sofa

     The microfiber blanket is popular, another name for velsoft, from welsofta. Soft, hypoallergenic and very light microfiber blanket is ideal for both children and adults, as well as people with allergies. It can be of various colors and colors, from nude and pastel to bright and juicy. Suitable for any bedroom setting, as well as any other room that is furnished in a classic or modern style. This type is beautifully draped and has good thermal insulation properties.

      It is possible to buy a blanket Shar Pei bedspread conveniently and easily, without leaving your home, in the Textil.best online store. It is convenient to select the desired size and color using a filter. Buy a blanket blanket with delivery to Kiev, Dnipro, Kharkov, Odessa, as well as throughout Ukraine by a reliable transport company that will deliver the blanket blanket safe and sound.

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