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Double blanket

A double blanket, at the moment, is the most popular, as it is comfortable and is used for its intended purpose by both one person and a couple. This size has become widespread in the territory of the former Soviet Union and differs from the sizes in Europe and the United States. For a long time, home textile manufacturers have been making products to their taste or to order.

Sizes of a standard double blanket presented in the Textil.best catalog

  • 172x205cm double blanket Leleka textile, Billerbeck;
  • 175x215cm double blanket Tag textile;
  • 175x205cm double blanket Enei plus;
  • 175x210cm double blanket tm Idea;

Fits standard double bedding sizes. The blanket shrinks slightly, but over time, and not bulky, it remains at its size all the time of use. Therefore, the size of the double blanket should be 3-5cm less than the size of the bedding set. For ease of use

 Double quilt types of fillers

They are divided into natural and synthetic, also conditionally divided into antiallergenic and not having such properties.

  • holofiber - high molecular weight siliconized fiber;
  • silicone;
  • artificial swan down;
  • eco down - eco-friendly analogue of goose down;
  • bio fluff;
  • combed sheep wool;
  • camel wool;
  • natural goose down-feather;
  • bamboo filler;
  • tencel, eucalyptus wood filler;
  • natural cotton fiber;
  • flax fiber;
  • natural silk filler;

A double blanket is distinguished by the degree of warmth:

  1. summer, usually with a filler density of no more than 100g / m2;
  2. demi-season with the amount of filler per square meter no more than 250-300g;
  3. winter usual, 300-400gr / sq.m;
  4. warm winter, 400-600gr / m2;
  5. very warm, 600-800 g / m2;

Buy a double blanket in the Textil.best online store

          A large selection of double blankets in our catalog will allow you to buy exactly the model that suits all parameters. Which quilt is better? Ask our managers and they will prepare an answer based on your wishes. After all, each person has his own personal preferences for warmth, for hygienic characteristics, and they are due not only to aesthetic preferences, although we also have something to please, but by the physiological characteristics of the body. The variety of the presented models in terms of colors and design design will allow you to choose a product for any bedroom interior, as well as for any set of linen. Having ordered a double blanket from us, you can get it at any branch of the transport company convenient for you in the Dnieper, Kharkov, Odessa, Kiev, as well as throughout Ukraine.

Blanket swan's down "Beige" double + 2 pillows 70x70
Blanket swan's down "Beige" double + 2 pillows 70x70;Blanket size: 175х215cm;Filler: Swan Down (arti..
Blanket sheep wool, spring-autumn 172x205 М31 тм Leleka textile
Blanket sheep wool, spring-autumn 172х205 M31 tm Leleka textileBlanket size- 172х205cm;Filling- Shee..
Blanket BIO DOWN PREMIUM Leleka-Textile 172x205 М36
Blanket BIO DOWN PREMIUM Leleka-Textile 172x205 М36;Blanket size: 172х205cm;Filler: Bio fluffFiller ..
Blanket tm Billerbeck Camellia (camel), double
Blanket tm Billerbeck Camellia (camel), double;Blanket size: 172х205cm;Filler: Camel's wool;Filler w..
Blanket swan's down "Beige" double
Blanket swan's down "Beige" double;Blanket size: 175х215cm;Filler: Swan Down (artificial)Filler dens..
Blanket Iris Home - Hotel Line 170*210 double
Blanket Iris Home - Hotel Line 170*210 double;Blanket size: 170х210cm;Filler: Antiallergenic fiber;S..
Hypoallergenic double blanket CX206
Hypoallergenic double blanket CX206;Blanket size: 175х215cm;Filler: Silicone 100%Filler density: 350..
Set of quilt swan's down "Venzel" double + 2 pillows 50x70
Одеяла летние..
Blanket eco down "Eco-venzel" double
Одеяла летние..
Blanket swan's down "Venzel" double
Одеяла летние..
Silicone microfiber blanket 2.0 (0073)
Одеяло силиконовое микрофибра 2,0 (0073) Еней-Плюс красное;Размер одеяла: 175х205см;Наполнитель: Сил..
Blanket wadded double МІ0004
Blanket wadded double МІ0004;Blanket size: 175х210cm;Filler: Batting;Filler density: 800g/м2;Season:..
Botanical Bamboo double blanket
Botanical Bamboo double blanket;Blanket size: 175х210cm;Filler: Bamboo fiber;Filler density: 300g/м2..
Blanket swan's down double blue TAG textiles
Blanket swan's down double blue TAG textiles;Blanket size: 175х215cm;Filler: Swan Down (artificial);..
Blanket Wool Classic tm "Idea" double
Blanket Wool Classic tm "Idea" double;Blanket size: 175х210cm;Filler: Wool-70%; polyester fiber-30%F..
Summer blanket Camel double (lightweight)
Одеяла летние..
Summer blanket Blue double (lightweight)
Summer blanket Blue double (lightweight);Blanket size: 175х215cm;Filler: Silicone 100%;Filler densit..
Summer blanket Venzel double (lightweight)
Summer blanket Venzel double (lightweight);Blanket size: 175х215cm;Filler: Silicone 100%;Filler dens..
Double blanket Eco-1 TAG textile
Double blanket Eco-1 TAG textile;Blanket size: 175х215cm;Filler: Eco fluff;Filler density: 300g/м2;S..
Set double blanket "Eco-venzel" + 2 pillows 70x70
Одеяла летние..
Blanket Super Soft Classic tm "Idea" one and a half
Blanket Super Soft Classic tm "Idea" one and a half;Blanket size: 140х210cm;Filler: Antiallergenic f..
Blanket Alaska wool Cotton Leleka-Textile 172x205 R555d
Blanket Alaska wool Cotton Leleka-Textile 172x205 R555d;Blanket size: 172х205cm;Filler: Sheep's wool..
Double blanket Eco-stripe TAG textile
Double blanket Eco-stripe TAG textile;Blanket size: 175х215cm;Filler: Eco fluff;Filler density: 300g..
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