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Bed linen euro

     The size of bed linen plays an important role in the convenience of spending time in a state of sleep. Home textile manufacturers have carried out a lot of experiments and tests to determine the optimal parameters for sleeping accessories. A particularly popular size after one and a half was the double, which was used by married couples. But at the moment, euro bedding is the most popular.

Bed linen euro size

        This is the European analogue of the usual double-bed set, only with the increased dimensions of the duvet cover and sheets, which is why it got its name from the euro size. Completeness, depending on the manufacturer, can be modified only by the number of included pillowcases and their version. Classic composition - 2 pillowcases with sides 70x70cm and two pillowcases 50x70cm in the usual design.

- regular: duvet cover 200x220cm, sheet from 200x220cm to 220x260cm depending on the manufacturer and fabric width;

- king size or euro +: duvet cover 220x2240cm, bed sheet 260x270cm;

- super king size or euro ++: 240x260cm duvet cover, sheet - 275x290cm;

Such parameters, especially increased ones, are mostly from foreign manufacturers. Ukrainian sewing factories, as a rule, sew such sets to order.

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         The quality of sleep kits must meet the safety hygienic requirements, therefore our Magagin offers products of Ukrainian and foreign brands that have a reputation for being reliable and proven. Fabrics that have sufficient density, and are also dyed with natural dyes, allow you to get bedding that you want to admire. The design selection of materials, as well as color combinations, allows you to be sure that your bed linen does not shed and retain the brightness of colors for a long period. Beautiful and sexy prints, as well as the variety of options presented, will allow you to choose models for any bedroom interior.

        You can buy euro bedding quickly and easily by choosing the right set, in our online catalog, without leaving your home. Your order will be delivered at a convenient time and place by the most reliable and fastest transport company in Ukraine. The delivery cost is fixed both for prepayment and cash on delivery, which is very convenient, since it is possible to immediately determine the final amount of the order.

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Bed linen satin euro with companion S423 tm Tag textil
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