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Blanket euro size

The Euro duvet is one of the most comfortable sizes for a couple. The classic size for a joint vacation is considered to be a double, but it looks more modest, due to its smaller dimensions. The Euro size blanket allows for greater freedom of action during rest, you can confidently roll over without fear of exposing any part of the body.

Euro duvet size

  • Standard parameters 200x220cm;
  • Euro + or royal and also called king size 220x240cm;
  • Euro ++ is the largest size, it can be called super king size 240x260;

The Euro duvet goes well with the Euro size bedding. The size allowance is practically not needed if the blanket is not voluminous. If the bed linen is 200x215cm, then the standard euro blanket will warp a little and get confused. The blanket will look harmonious on both a classic double bed and euro size. In the summer, a terry sheet, a pique bedspread or a special summer blanket with a filler amount of no more than 100 grams per square meter can act as a blanket.

Fillers for euro blankets:

A variety of fillers for the euro size blanket are used, they are able to satisfy the most demanding buyer and, most importantly, they will be completely safe for health. After all, a blanket, whatever size it is, should fill your rest with comfort and convenience.

  • holofiber is one of the most common hypoallergenic species;
  • bamboo is convenient and safe;
  • wool is the most popular type of natural;
  • time-tested cotton;
  • Tencel is the latest development of scientists, environmentally friendly and has good hygienic properties;

According to the warmth, the euro size blanket is distinguished:

  1. warm, it is also a winter euro blanket with the largest amount of filler to ensure the best thermal insulation properties;
  2. a demi-season euro blanket, it is also a spring-autumn one with an average filler value;
  3. euro blanket is summer, the lightest, differs in the least amount of fibers in the blanket.

Various materials that are used for sewing covers provide the euro blanket with additional properties, such as the ability to feed excess moisture, antiallergenicity, and high wear resistance.

You can buy an inexpensive euro blanket in the Textil.best online store without leaving your home, comfortably sitting on the couch with your favorite gadget. With the advent of online stores, making purchases has become much easier and most importantly more profitable. After all, the price of euro blankets in the catalogs of online sites is significantly lower than offline representatives, and the range of blankets in euro size is much wider and exceeds not even several, but sometimes tens of times. You also don't have to worry about the safety of your purchases, because there is an option after payment. When you inspect the purchase at the branch of the transport company and only then make the payment, making sure the quality and meeting your expectations.

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