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Blanket holofiber

Antiallergenic bedding is in constant demand, which only increases over time. After all, you must agree, it's nice to know that there are no pathogenic bacteria or microorganisms in the blanket with which you hide.

Blanket holofiber hypoallergenic to choose in Ukraine

Comfortable, as well as safe and environmentally friendly blanket are the demands of the new time for a quality product. Bedding with holofiber is one of the most popular, along with woolen bedding. This is due to a number of qualities of the holofiber filler:

  • high thermal insulation properties;
  • quick restoration of shape after deformation;
  • environmental friendliness and safety;
  • excellent durability;
  • ease of cleaning blankets;

Thermally bonded hollow siliconized fiber is nothing more than holofiber. The cavities inside the fibers allow for even more heat storage and with a smaller volume, better warming.

Blankets with this type of insulation maintain a comfortable microclimate with low weight, without constraining movements during sleep and without giving a feeling of heaviness.

Buy blanket holofiber in the TEXTIL.BEST online store inexpensively

      Blanket one-and-a-half, double, euro size are presented in the catalog of the TEXTIL.BEST online store, which will allow you to choose this accessory for any size of bed linen. Photos, reviews and a detailed description provide complete information about the product, as well as a convenient filter by size will allow you to place an order without leaving your home and without wasting precious time.

The Leleka holofiber blanket in microfiber is the most popular type of blanket in this line, because it is a combination of high quality and a very attractive price, thanks to which buyers get the necessary home textiles without overpaying.

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