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Hypoallergenic blanket

      In the modern world, an important role is played by the atmosphere in the house, which should give relaxation, a sense of security and coziness. Therefore, home textiles must be of high quality and have a number of necessary characteristics, depending on the physiological characteristics of the human body. One of these characteristics is hypoallergenic. The anti-allergenic blanket does not cause allergies, even if the person has a predisposition to it. A hypoallergenic blanket can be produced with various fibers in the form of fillers, the main condition is that they do not cause allergies and this has been proven laboratory. Hypoallergenic and anti-allergenic are synonyms of the same meaning, which are identical in content, so choosing hypoallergenic, you can be sure that the product will have anti-allergenic properties.

Hypoallergenic blanket types by filler type:

  • bamboo fiber, both artificial and natural;
  • Tencel fibers;
  • thinsulate;
  • artificial swan down;
  • holofiber;
  • eco fluff;
  • bio fluff;
  • linen filler;

A hypoallergenic blanket, depending on the material used as a filler, receives different characteristics. Such as moisture absorption, breathability, thermal conductivity, tactile properties. Therefore, each anti-allergenic blanket will be perceived differently to the touch and will perform its functions in different ways.

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       The cover must also be hypoallergenic to ensure complete safety. A material that is great for this role is microfiber. It has softness, good density, which ensures the safety of the product and a long service life. The blanket is hypoallergenic and of high quality at a low cost - it is holofiber and swan's down, as well as artificial bamboo. A large selection, convenient search and reviews from other buyers who have already bought a hypoallergenic blanket in our store will help you choose the model you like. There is also a hypoallergenic blanket and a pillow set in the appropriate section of the website menu, which are easy to use, since they require the same conditions of care and storage. Also, if there is a predisposition to allergic reactions, hypoallergenic bedding is recommended to ensure complete comfort and coziness. After all, it is necessary that at home there was a friendly and maximally comfortable environment and atmosphere. It is easy and quick to buy an antiallergenic blanket in Ukraine with delivery to Kiev, Dnipro, Odessa, referring to our catalog, without leaving your home, as convenient and profitable as possible. Delivery is carried out by the most reliable transport company in Ukraine in the shortest possible time in complete safety. Therefore, you can rest assured that your hypoallergenic product will arrive as quickly as possible.

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