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             The mattress topper is a necessary modern attribute in the household. Thanks to the mattress toppers, it is possible to solve a lot of problems - from leveling the plane of the berth and imparting the necessary rigidity to protecting it from dirt. Unlike a mattress or sofa, the mattress topper lends itself well to washing and dry cleaning. Depending on the characteristics of the bed, as well as the goals that you want to solve, there is a need to choose different mattress covers.

Large selection of mattress toppers 

The products presented in the store's catalog differ:

by the type of attachment to the mattress, there are two main types -White mattress covers

  •  with a border around the perimeter, which is securely attached to the mattress and dressed like a cover,
  •  with elastic bands that are worn around the corners of the bed - a practical solution, suitable for both beds and sofas;

by type of filler:

  1. holofiber - the most common, convenient and comfortable, as well as affordable;
  2. bamboo fiber - there are natural products at a very expensive price, as well as artificial analogues of bamboo fiber - hypoallergenic and with high hygienic properties;
  3. wool - eco-friendly, warm and very comfortable, as it has a natural lanolin impregnation, which has a beneficial effect on the human body;
  4. cotton fiber, natural and natural, creates a special cozy microclimate in your bed;
  5. synthetic winterizer is the most affordable option, soft and springy, but over time it loses its properties and must be replaced frequently;

according to its purpose:

  • waterproof mattress cover;
  • to give certain additional properties to the mattress - whether it is softness, hypoallergenicity or anatomicality; Brown mattress topper
  • embossed for massage;
  • protection against pollution;
  • regulation of the heat of the bed;
  • mattress toppers can perform several functions at the same time, which makes them even more attractive.

Mattress topper buy inexpensively in the online store TEXTIL.BEST

         As you can see, there are a lot of mattress covers, but if you clearly know your wishes, then it will not be difficult to make a choice.

         In the TEXTIL.BEST website catalog there are waterproof mattress toppers, as well as elastic mattress toppers from leading manufacturers of Ukraine. Based on the description, characteristics, as well as reviews, it is possible to compare different models and choose the one you like. A wide range of sizes from children to king size will cover all the needs for protecting the surface of the bed.

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