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Bed linen one and a half

Bed linen one and a half - how to buy profitably and easily

             When choosing bed linen, first of all, along with the material, it is necessary to determine the size of the set. To do this, you need to know who will use the linen and, most importantly, you need to take into account the dimensions of the bed. After all, it is quite possible that one person will feel more comfortable under a double bed and under euro size bed linen, if the bed is appropriate.

One and a half bed linen sizes

One and a half bed linen sizesThe sizes of one-and-a-half sets vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and there is no single standard. But there are boundary limits:

pillowcases 70x70cm or 50x70cm;

some manufacturers offer a wider range of sizes 50x50cm or 50x60cm;

 one and a halfsheet width from 150 to 180cm, length from 215cm to 260cm;

one and a halfduvet cover width from 140cm to 155cm, length from 205cm to 215cm;

The teenage one and a halfbedding set comes with one pillowcase, which results in savings when buying.

      The variety of colors presented will allow you to enjoy the choice and get aesthetic pleasure. To do this, in the catalog of our online bedding store, there is a convenient filtering, thanks to which you can effortlessly choose the color, theme of the picture, as well as the exact size of the duvet cover, sheets and pillowcases. There are also sets of one-and-a-half bed linen with a sheet with an elastic band for more than 400 models for every taste, as well as for any bedroom setting. One-and-a-half bed sheets with an elasticated sheet allow you to always keep your bed in perfect condition due to the special attachment to the mattress.

Bed linen one and a half cotton is in constant demand among buyers.

And this is no coincidence, because housewives know about the beneficial properties of natural cotton fabric, because they care about the health of their family. A good sleep is perhaps the main component of the health of both adults and children.

Some time ago, the process of choosing bedding took a lot of time and effort and often ended with the purchase of what was in stock instead of the desired and suitable product for you.

A wide variety on the shelves of shops and markets often turned out to be a copy of the same assortment at many points, therefore, after spending more than one hour, or even a day, many were forced to go this way again and again in the hope of getting an unusual color or the right size.

        Now you can buy one-and-a-half bed linen made of satin, ranforce, calico, percale, flax without much effort in Kiev and any other corner of Ukraine, because you don't even need to leave the house for this. It is enough to choose a bed and a half in our online store, place an order and receive it at any convenient branch of a transport company or a parcel machine, which is even more convenient, because their number is growing and they are located near the most popular retail outlets.

One and a half bed linen in pink, green and brown

Bed linen set ranforce "Raspberry light" code: P0162 one and a half
Bed linen set ranforce "Royal" code: P0160 one and a half
Bed linen satin luxury one and a half S431 tm Tag textil
Bed linen Veloden, coarse calico one and a half
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