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Which pillow to choose?

       Long and uninterrupted sleep is necessary for full wakefulness. To ensure rest and full recovery of the body, it is necessary to provide appropriate conditions. Bedding is selected for your own preferences and functional characteristics of the body. The pillow in this ensemble plays a leading role, since it is responsible for relieving fatigue from the head, the central organ of the human body.

       Buying pillows of the same characteristics for the whole family is not the best solution, since discrepancies in tastes are possible and this will entail additional expenses. After all, over time, pillows that are uncomfortable are better replaced with a better model.

Sleep pillows in pink and white

What are the fillers in pillows:


goose down and feather




wood shavings;

hemp fiber;

buckwheat husk;



synthetic winterizer;



  Types of pillows:

Types of pillows for sleeping, for pregnant women, for nursing, for travel for sleeping;

     for pregnant;

     for feeding;

     for traveling;


Sleeping pillows can be selected for each customer in the textil.best online store, choosing them from a variety of products produced by Ukrainian trademarks.

Sleeping pillow sizes:

  • children: 40x60cm;
  • 50x50cm;
  • euro: 50x70cm;
  • 70x70cm;

          With pronounced health features, pillows must be selected necessarily taking them into account, such features include predisposition or allergy disease, with diseases of the spine, and especially the cervical spine. In some cases, it is necessary to consult with your doctor when choosing a pillow.

White pillows

Sleep pillows are:

  • orthopedic or anatomical, specially designed to relieve tension from the cervical spine and distribute the load evenly;
  • anti-allergenic pillows made of fiber, which is not susceptible to colonization and accumulation of various pathogenic bacteria, microorganisms and mites.
  • adjustable in height, which is very convenient, as it allows you to adjust the elasticity depending on your preferences;
  • the materials of the covers are also different, in which the filler, microfiber, satin, microsatin, calico, ranfors, percale are placed, they all have different densities, and therefore they pass the filler through their fibers in different ways;

Pillow with replaceable cover in white

  • a pillow with a removable cover is also considered a very convenient and practical option, this variation allows you to take care of the pillow in the intervals between cleanings, and also do without them altogether, if you wash pillows with fillers that are allowed by manufacturers to wash in time;
  • with a quilted, smooth or perforated cover, the choice depends on your tactile preferences;

What should be the pillow:

  1. the pillow should be comfortable and tailored specifically to your characteristics and preferences;
  2. it must be safe, which means that in its manufacture materials were used that do not emit toxic substances during operation, as well as during care in the recommended modes;
  3. have sufficient moisture absorption, but also dry out quickly so that a feeling of excessive moisture does not arise, which negatively affects the quality and duration of sleep;
  4. do not accumulate static electricity;
  5. good air flow;
  6. the filler must restore its original shape the number of times declared by the manufacturer;
  7. fit your bedding or baby bedding;

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