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Poplin bedding

        One of the varieties of cotton bedding, which is quite popular due to its characteristics. Poplin bedding has one characteristic feature that will help not to be confused with any other set, it has a kind of rapeseed effect, that is, scars across the entire area of ​​the fabric. Poplin sets, which are well known for their quality and naturalness since the days of grandmothers, are now available for purchase, in particular in our catalog.

Poplin bedding features:

  • possesses excellent hygienic properties, which determine the comfort of use;
  • good air permeability and moisture absorption;
  • does not accumulate static electricity;
  • the characteristic textured surface has a slight massage effect;
  • poplin bed linen is characterized by a long service life, without losing its consumer qualities;
  • almost does not wrinkle - a godsend for housewives who do not like to fool around with ironing bed linen, but love a neat look;
  • retains the brightness of colors for a long time, even with frequent washing;
  • soft and pleasant to the touch, does not cause irritation and other unpleasant sensations;
  • eco-friendly and natural, made of cotton yarns;
  • does not need special care conditions;

Bed linen poplin buy in the online store Textil.best

        A few decades ago, buying the necessary home textiles turned into a quest with one solution, because you had to stand in queues and get one of several available options. Today the assortment of poplin sets in our store has more than 400 models from various manufacturers. A wide range of colors from delicate pastel shades to rich and bright, allows you to choose a set of poplin for every taste. Prints of various orientations of designs and styles from classic to modern will decorate and add charm to almost every bedroom. A handy filter that allows you to easily select the size, color and theme of your design. The shopping process should be pleasant and, most importantly, easy, we are convinced of this, so we tried to simplify it as much as possible. For a more detailed study of the properties of fabric, you can read the article. It is very easy to buy Poplin bed linen, just choose the set you like, put it in the basket and place an order, indicating the necessary data. In the future, get it at the nearest branch of the transport company, at a fixed cost of 30 UAH, regardless of the type of payment. Convenient, reliable, safe and fast.

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