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Bed linen stripe satin

      Stripe satin bedding is one of the most beautiful. The monochromatic color emphasizes the exquisite texture of the fabric and the play in the light. It is not for nothing that sets of this type of satin are becoming more and more popular.

Bed linen stripe satin elite

       The purchase and the choice itself should be enjoyable, which is why we have presented only the best satin stripe kits. This type of satin jacquard has been singled out in a separate group of fabrics due to the inexhaustible popularity and recognition. Stripes, after all, this is how the name is translated from English, can be of different widths, but for the most part the width of 1 cm is the most demanded.

       Stripe satin bed linen is an elite type of bedding sets that are made exclusively from natural cotton of the highest quality. The increased density of the threads when weaving, provides amazing uniformity, as well as increased wear resistance of sleep sets. Natural dyes, as well as the mercerization process, ensure long-term preservation of paints and the absence of fading over time. The high cost of sleeping accessories made of this type of fabric is due to their high quality and the level of materials used.

Bed linen white, brown, cherry color

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           With a huge selection of bed linen, it can be difficult to make a choice, because you want to buy the best. And the purchase of this type of home textiles implies not very frequent replacement, because if the kit is of high quality, then it will last more than one year and look like new. It is this kind of satin stripe bed linen that is presented in the TEXTIL.BEST catalog. Beautiful satin stripe bed linen will delight for a long time, creating a unique atmosphere of charm in your bedroom. Indeed, with different degrees of illumination, your kit will look different, but invariably gorgeous.

         Your skin will be grateful, because during sleep it will be saturated with oxygen, as the satin stripe bed linen is perfectly breathable, and also intensively absorbs the moisture released by the body during sleep. The environmental friendliness of such kits and their complete biodegradability make them environmentally friendly, which is important in light of environmental pollution.

Peach and pink bedding

         Such sleeping sets will be appropriate as a gift for a wedding or anniversary, as well as for any other occasion. Beautiful gift wrapping will complement the emotions of the gift.

        Elite beddings, at their initial high price, justify their purchase with pleasant emotions, excellent quality and a long service life.

Bed linen stripe satin euro ST-1004 tm Tag textile
Bed linen stripe satin "Marsala stripe" code: CT0285 double euro
Bed linen stripe satin one and a half ST-1014 tm Tag textile
Bed linen stripe satin "Carrot stripe" code: СТ0288 family
Bed linen stripe satin "Chocolate stripe" code: СТ0287 family
Bed linen stripe satin euro ST-1011 tm Tag textiles
Bed linen stripe satin euro maxi ST-1007 tm Tag textiles
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