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Summer blanket

A blanket for use in summer should protect against temperature extremes, but at the same time, it should not be too warm, so as not to cause excessive overheating of the body during sleep. A summer blanket is a convenient and necessary accessory for a comfortable life.

How to choose a quality summer blanket

The filler for light summer blankets must be breathable, thus creating a comfortable atmosphere. During sleep, the body must be actively saturated with oxygen, because during this period the breathing rhythm slows down.

Also, the amount of filler should be optimally selected for the hot season, this is achieved by matching the heat-saving properties of the filler and the required thermal characteristics. Although the summer blanket is intended for use in the summer, the temperature difference can be quite large. Therefore, when using air conditioning in the room, it is convenient to cover with a summer blanket.

The filler must have good hygiene properties. Also, the weight of the filler plays a big role in the feel of using a summer blanket. There are three types of filler weight: light, medium and heavy.

Excellent fillers for a summer blanket are both synthetic, which are hypoallergenic and natural, and here it is a matter of personal preference which one to choose. We will only describe their distinctive features and characteristics.

Distinctive characteristics of fillers for summer blankets


  • Cotton natural fiber is the most popular, it is distinguished by excellent moisture-absorbing properties and environmental friendliness. Therefore, a summer cotton blanket is an excellent choice of inexpensive and high-quality accessories for sleeping.
  • Linseed fiber, like hemp fiber, is one of the most environmentally friendly. The weight is between medium and heavy, it is quite comfortable to sleep under them. They do not rustle, do not support reproduction by pathogens, and are also anti-allergenic. If the cover is natural, then they are an example of the commonwealth of new technologies and environmental friendliness;
  • Bamboo fiber is very comfortable to use, a distinctive feature in its special plastic structure. A summer bamboo blanket, as it were, wraps around the body, flows over it, without hindering movements;
  • Another favorite of the luxury summer blanket category is the silk summer blanket. Silk has a special smoothness, as well as silk fibers do not cake and well restore their shape. Completely natural material with a minimum number of treatments;


  • Summer blanket with holofiber - synthetic fiber made of polyester, which has anti-allergenic properties. It also does not support rotting and colonization of pathogens, which is an important advantage for people prone to allergic reactions. Very lightweight and highly breathable filler.
  • The silicone summer blanket has an affordable price, it is easily washed in an ordinary washing machine and has a rather long service life.

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