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Swan down blanket

    A good blanket should be comfortable and comfortable, and also provide sufficient protection from uncomfortable ambient temperatures. The swan down blanket performs these functions efficiently, and also has a lot of other positive qualities that determine the constant demand for swan down blankets.

Artificial swan down blanket characteristics

  • has exceptional lightness and airiness;
  • has high thermal insulation properties;
  • swan down blankets have anti-allergenic properties;
  • the swan down blanket is intended for use by all age groups without restrictions;
  • does not absorb even the strongest odors;
  • the swan down blanket has the ability to quickly regain its shape after deformation;
  • does not retain air, passes it well;

How to choose the right swan down blanket?

    The blanket must be made from certified materials, you need to choose a trusted manufacturer who has a positive reputation, as well as experience in manufacturing with this type of filler. Leleka's blanket swan's down reviews - you can find in our store from buyers who have already purchased a blanket made of swan's down and share their impressions of use.

     A blanket with an artificial filling, swan down, is available in the most popular sizes: one-and-a-half, double, euro. When choosing a swan's down blanket, it must be borne in mind that its size should be 3-5 cm less than the size of the bedding for comfortable use. Microfiber covers have anti-allergenic properties, so the swan's down blanket can be safely called completely anti-allergenic and safe to use.

Buy blanket swan's down Ukraine in the online store Textil.best

        High-quality swan down blankets from proven Ukrainian manufacturers, one of which is Leleka textile, provide warmth and comfort. A variety of colors to ensure perfect compatibility with bed linen. After all, light colors will not shine through light bedding, and dark and bright covers are flawlessly combined with dark bedding sets. Conveniently and quickly, you can buy a swan's down blanket with delivery to the Dnieper, Odessa, Kharkov, Kiev, as well as to any other corner of Ukraine, simply without leaving your home and without even getting up from the couch. A swan down blanket is one of the most successful combinations of quality and price. The manufacturer Leleka textiles is distinguished by the production of extremely popular models of blankets and the entire list of home textiles at affordable prices, without saving on materials, using an effective quality control system.

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