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Terry bedspread

        A terry bedspread is appreciated for its convenience and versatility, especially in summer. It is both a bedspread and a light blanket. Terry cloth is soft and pleasant to the touch, quite dense and very durable. A high-quality terry cloth is considered with a density of 350g / m2, so it allows you to achieve a pleasant-to-touch texture, as well as a long service life. We, terry bedspreads, are offered with a density of 400 grams per square meter, which guarantees unambiguously high quality, as well as invariable appearance even after numerous wash and spin cycles.

Types of terry bedspreads

  • the main difference is the density of the material, the quality of the terry sheet of the bedspread directly depends on it, the higher the better, but there is a limit to everything, the density over 700g / m2 is already considered the highest permissible, since indicators above this will be quite heavy and uncomfortable, and also keep warm a lot;
  • they are distinguished by the type of weaving of the fabric - it can be jacquard terry bedspreads, with a textured double-sided pattern, as well as smooth;
  • by color application: can be bleached, monochromatic, as well as multi-colored or with a pattern;
  • various decorations are possible: edging along the edge, embroidery, tassels, pompons, lace and other forms that will make terry bedspreads impeccably beautiful;
  • they are distinguished by the composition of the fabric - most often it is 100% cotton, but variations with polyester additives are possible, for greater decorativeness and easier maintenance, as well as flax additives, which has a beneficial effect on environmental friendliness;
  • various sizes: one and a half 140x200, 150x200, 150x210cm, double 170x200, 180x220cm, euro 200x220cm, king size 220x240cm;

Buy a terry bedspread sheet in the online store Textil.best

       You can buy a terry bedspread of good quality from the leading manufacturers of Ukraine and Turkey quickly and conveniently. A convenient filter, reviews of customers who have already made a purchase, as well as free professional advice will help with the choice. Terry bedspreads at a favorable price are a good choice for personal needs, as well as for a gift to a loved one. Delivery is carried out to any locality in Ukraine by a reliable transport company, so that your order will be delivered as soon as possible intact and safe. Kiev, Dnipro, Kharkov, Odessa, Poltava - this is not a complete list of settlements where it is possible to easily buy and quickly get a terry blanket, as well as terry bedspreads, because there are not many of them).

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