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Video reviews of home textiles

Video review of the Turkish TM TAS bedding set made of satin bamboo

Every buyer who makes purchases of bed linen in online stores would like to learn more about the chosen product. After all, a photo, especially a studio photo, cannot fully convey the beauty of the fabric or its imperfections, as well as the colors of the sets.Video reviews, made in natural light, more accurately and in detail convey the atmosphere of the bedding and will help with the choice. This is especially true of expensive bedding sets from the series of bamboo satin Turkish TM TAS.In the..
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Video review of the plaid welsoft tm tag of the ukrainian manufacturer

A video review of a velsoft (microfiber) blanket is designed to make a presentation about this type of product more complete. After all, a lot of materials make it difficult to choose when you need to decide what you need.The video shows in detail the structure of the fabric, that it consists of a rather thick pile, smoothed in one direction. The pile is located on both sides, which makes it warmer and softer than one-sided options. Plaid changes its color depending on the angle of illumination,..
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Video review of satin bed linen TM Tag Textile

A detailed video review of satin bed linen of the Tag Textile trademarkThe fabric is shown close up, how it is dyed, whether there are any flaws, whether it shines as satin should. Whether the material is of sufficient density, whether it is well painted over.The dimensions are measured, the zippers are shown, where they are located, their quality, the quality of the stitches is also visible.It is also shown whether the photo corresponds to reality...
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