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    Wool blankets are probably the oldest of all types of blankets, but no less popular for that. The invention of new synthetic materials could not replace the warm and cozy woolen blanket. When you remember which, you immediately plunge into childhood, and remember how warm and comfortable it is in its arms, especially on winter evenings. A woolen blanket gives any environment a touch of comfort, and skillfully selected color and texture will create the main accent in the room and refresh it without large financial investments.

Characteristics of natural woolen blankets

  1. well maintain thermal balance due to the hollow structure of the wool;
  2. possessing a natural lubricant with the medicinal substance lonolin, they have a beneficial effect on joints, as well as places of bruises, both old and fresh;
  3. the healing warmth that natural wool blankets emit, reduces pain in the body, and also creates a comfortable microclimate;
  4. there are woolen blankets made of 100% wool, as well as with various additives that regulate thermal characteristics, as well as tactile sensations;
  5. by size, there are children's, one and a half, double and euro sizes, this concept includes two types of 200x220cm and 220x240cm;
  6. by design, the most common are checkered, then monochromatic or in stripes, floral themes are less often used, more often a geometric orientation or winter;

Variety of woolen blankets

  • New Zealand wool, durable and very warm;
  • alpaca wool is distinguished by its extraordinary lightness and excellent thermal-saving properties;
  • merino wool - has a very soft structure, due to which it does not irritate the skin, a blanket made of merino wool can be used even without clothes;
  • sheared sheep's wool is the most common option, characterized by an affordable price, but nevertheless remarkable heat-saving properties;
  • camel wool is the warmest kind, with seeming subtlety, a camel wool blanket is able to warm in the most severe cold, and all because of the special camel hair;

Buy a blanket made of wool quickly and conveniently in the online store Tekstil.best

     Online shopping has become a handy novelty for many home lovers. You can make a purchase of a woolen blanket without leaving your home, saving your time and money in the Textil.best online catalog. Since we directly cooperate with manufacturers, bypassing intermediaries, we have a wide range of woolen blankets, as well as in various price categories. A fixed price for delivery will make it easier to calculate the total cost of an order, and a free consultation with a manager will help you choose the right option quickly and easily.

Plaid SoundSleep Doros knitted 140х180 sm navy blue
Plaid SoundSleep Doros knitted 140х180 sm navy blueThe cloth: Jersey;Fabric structure: 10% wool/90% ..
Plaid SoundSleep Carmel knitted 140х180 sm sea wave
Plaid SoundSleep Carmel knitted 140х180 sm sea waveThe cloth: Jersey;Fabric structure: 10% wool/90% ..
Plaid SoundSleep Carmel knitted 140х180 sm Ivory
Plaid SoundSleep Carmel knitted 140х180 sm IvoryThe cloth: Jersey;Fabric structure: 10% wool/90% acr..
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