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Baby blankets

Baby blanket light brown

What should be a baby blanket?

It must meet the sanitary and hygienic standards of Ukraine for children's textiles.

The blanket must:

  • pass air in sufficient quantity, thereby ensuring air exchange;
  • absorb and evaporate moisture;
  • have good thermal insulation properties;
  • be sewn from safe materials;
  • have a relatively low weight, that is, be light.

A blanket that does not allow air to pass through at first seems to be the warmest, and then it is impossible to be under it, because excess heat is not removed with the air, overheating occurs. Which leads to a deterioration in the quality of the child's sleep.

Also, a blanket for babies should not be too large or too small, which means that its dimensions should fit the size of the bed linen and the size of the baby's crib, correctly sized, it will not fall off the bed, and also expose parts of the child's body when changing the posture of sleep.

The modern fillers used for baby blankets cope with the responsibilities assigned to them - they provide a sufficient level of warmth, they are light enough, at the same time, thanks to the correctly selected cover materials, the blankets fit snugly enough to the child's body, which eliminates heat leakage from under the blanket.

When choosing a blanket for a baby, pay attention to the recommended season of use, which manufacturers indicate in the characteristics of products.

In our online store textil.best, the description contains all the characteristics that are necessary to ensure the correct choice of a blanket for a child, and if you have additional questions, we are always happy to provide advice on any issue that interests you.

A good baby blanket that has all of the above properties will provide your child with a normal sleep, as well as full wakefulness. Your child will be happy and healthy.

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