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Microfiber blanket

         Microfiber blanket has high performance characteristics. Originating in Japan in the 1970s, microfiber is an innovative discovery. Microfibers, hundredths of a human hair thick, woven into threads, have unique properties. Microfiber is made from 100% polyester, sometimes additives can be added in an amount of not more than 5% to improve the properties of the blanket.

Microfiber plaid characteristics

  • very soft and pleasant to the touch;
  • warms up quickly;
  • lightweight, almost weightless;
  • can be painted in a wide variety of colors, both monochromatic and multi-colored;
  • hypoallergenic, can be used from the very birth of a person;
  • easy to care for, just wash in a regular machine without spinning and let the water drain;
  • microfiber blanket dries quickly;
  • does not accumulate extraneous odors;
  • absorbs moisture well;
  • does not stretch, keeps its shape well;
  • microfiber blanket is durable;
  • retains bright colors for a long time;

Microfiber blankets will be a stylish addition to rooms with different designs and colors. It is possible to refresh the atmosphere and add a touch of fun with just one stylish thing, which will also become a comfortable and soft friend.

Microfiber blankets types

differ in design:

  1. corrugated microfiber blanket, distinguished by a beautiful striped texture, which has another common name Sharpei or stripe;
  2. textured or embossed, when, under the influence of temperature exposure, the villi are smoothed in a certain order, forming beautiful patterns;

by size:

  1. microfiber blanket for children;
  2. one-and-a-half microfiber blanket;
  3. microfiber blanket double;
  4. microfiber plaid euro 200 * 220;
  5. there are also oversized king sizes 220x240, 240 by 260cm;
  6. according to the degree of warmth, microfiber blankets are:
  7. the pile can be located on one side or on both sides, which, with the same pile size, significantly affects the ability to retain heat;

by density and height of the pile:

  1. the most common density is 270-350g, with a pile height of 4 to 6mm, these indicators provide optimal heat-saving properties and lightness of a microfiber blanket;
  2. according to the intended use;
  3. baby views in the crib, for discharge, for shelter and walks;
  4. microfiber blanket bedspread is a very comfortable and multifunctional look, which can be used as a bedspread and as a blanket;

Microfiber blankets, how to care

  • it is necessary to wash with liquid detergents, they do not leave marks after washing and stains;
  • do not twist it in the car, but squeeze it a little, hang it on a rope for the water to drain completely;
  • dry away from open sources, also excluding batteries and other heating appliances;
  • microfiber blanket does not need ironing;

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