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Bed linen coarse calico

       Lux coarse calico is used for sewing quality bedding sets and is made exclusively from natural 100% cotton. It differs from all the usual coarse calico in the quality of cleaning cotton raw materials and the length of cotton fibers. For the production of coarse calico Lux, long cotton fibers are used, which are selected as a result of sorting at factories.

As a result of processing and cleaning, the obtained high-quality cotton threads are interwoven with each other on weaving looms using the plain weaving method, which has proven itself over a long period of use as strong and reliable.

Milk fabric bedding with orchids

What is the peculiarity of the production of Lux coarse calico bedding?

In the manufacture, thinner and smoother threads are used, but they are woven together more often, thanks to which the fabric is pleasantly soft and silky to the touch, since the fabric acquires this feature due to the natural structure of the fibers, over time, with proper care, softness and silkiness do not disappear. Also, on such a fabric, the print and continuous coloring are better kept, the paint practically does not fade and does not wash out. The material turns out to be dense, with a good beautiful structure and has a slight sheen. Luxurious coarse calico bed linen does not become lavish over time and does not form pellets, it looks very attractive.

An example of a sleeping set with a companion fabric, which favorably emphasized the complexity of the pattern and introduced restraint.

Bed linen made of purple coarse calico gold with a companion

Characteristics of Lux coarse calico bedding:

  1. made of high-density fabric;
  2. soft and pleasant to the touch;
  3. there is a slight black;
  4. does not wallow, does not form pellets with prolonged use;
  5. not slippery;
  6. has good hygienic properties;
  7. natural and environmentally friendly, made exclusively from 100% cotton;
  8. easy to care for;
  9. suitable for use by people suffering from allergic reactions;
  10. keeps its shape and size well;

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        Possessing so many excellent properties, high-quality luxury coarse calico bed linen will delight you for a long time without losing its qualities. It is enough to adhere to the manufacturer's advice on the care of home textiles and your product will serve for more than one year. Care information is usually indicated on labels and packaging in an easy-to-read place.
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