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       The bamboo bed immediately won the recognition of connoisseurs of exclusive bedding. Despite its above average price category, and in some cases, the price of bamboo bedding is comparable to the elite sets, it is worth it. And all because of their excellent qualities. The price-performance ratio of natural bamboo fiber bedding is in complete balance.

The qualities of bamboo bedding

  1. amazing softness and silkiness, regardless of the type of weaving of the fabric, softer than cotton and viscose;
  2. bamboo fabric has the ability to smooth out even the strongest creases and creases, does not need ironing and such a procedure is even contraindicated;
  3. bamboo bedding, one of the few natural ones, has antiallergenic property;
  4. does not support the development and vital activity of pathogens, as well as dust mites;
  5. the bamboo bed is antiseptic, it copes well with the dominance of various microorganisms, simply destroying them;
  6. bamboo kits have no restrictions on use, they are shown both for children from birth and for adults;
  7. perfectly regulates body temperature, maintaining a healthy thermal balance;
  8. the body, under the bamboo bed, is well supplied with oxygen, which has a positive effect on the quality of sleep;
  9. bamboo bedding absorbs moisture three times better than cotton counterparts, which is why it is especially pleasant to use in the summer;
  10. bamboo sets have an aesthetic appearance, they are beautifully painted;
  11. bamboo fabric shines in the sun, and also has a rather pronounced relief;
  12. bamboo bedding is easy to care for, no additional efforts and conditions are required;
  13. durable, service life is longer than that of cotton sets by an average of 30%;

Types of bamboo sets

differ mainly in size:

  • one and a half includes 2 pillowcases, a sheet and a duvet cover;
  • a double room of the same configuration as the previous version, only of increased dimensions for two people;
  • euro bed linen bamboo will more than cover the needs of two people for comfort while sleeping;
  • the family set is the most comfortable, because it is possible to use a blanket of varying degrees of warmth, than immeasurably increase the pleasant minutes spent under it;

The composition of bamboo bedding can be either 100% bamboo or with additions of cotton fiber in various proportions, which invariably affects the qualities.

The main method of weaving bamboo sets is satin. He does not hide the positive qualities of bamboo, but on the contrary, complements and emphasizes them.

Where to buy bamboo bedding in Ukraine?

    In the online store of bed linen, Best Textiles, sets of bamboo fiber from Ukrainian and Turkish manufacturers, such as TAS, Karaka home, Comfort textiles, are presented. It is very easy to buy real bamboo bedding, just select the model you like with the help of a filter, then place an order and, if necessary, order a free consultation. Further, after specifying all the details, ordered bamboo bedding of the highest quality is delivered completely free of charge, by a reliable transport company throughout Ukraine. Payment can be made after receiving the goods, which is very convenient, as well as to the current account.

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Bed linen family TAC Freja Blue Satin-Bambuk
Bed linen family TAC Freja Blue Satin-BambukThe cloth: Satin bamboo;Fabric structure: 100% bamboo;Pi..
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Bed linen family TAC Saphira Satin-BambukThe cloth: Satin bamboo;Fabric structure: 100% bamboo;Pillo..
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