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Blanket 4 seasons

It would seem that there are a huge variety of blankets and it is impossible to come up with something comfortable and truly revolutionary. But no, the textile industry constantly surprises with new products that become very quickly loved in everyday life and become widespread. High technologies and widespread use of the Internet leads to a very rapid spread of information. Therefore, not much time passes from the release of a new type of product to its use.

Why did 4 seasons wear so popular?

  • the convenience of use;
  • variability of materials of manufacture;
  • versatility of application;
  • convenience of storage;

     The blanket consists of two blankets of different thickness and the amount of filling. One product is thin, with the amount of filler from 50 to 100g / m2, which is used in the summer, the second is warmer, with a large amount of filler, which is used during the off-season. As a rule, with the amount of filler from 250 to 350gr / m2, which is optimal for ensuring thermal insulation properties. Separately, these models serve as a summer and demi-season blanket, respectively. To obtain a warm winter product, it is enough to connect two blankets together using buttons, zippers, or buttons, depending on the model. This product turns out to be warm and comfortable both due to the increased amount of insulation, and due to the additional layers of the cover fabric, which provide additional thermal insulation properties, but do not interfere with the freedom of air exchange.

Buy blanket 4 seasons in the online store Textil.best

      Comfortable and lightweight, as well as functional blankets are presented in our catalog. Hypoallergenic with fillers such as holofiber, as well as natural fillers such as wool, down / feather, in various designs. Covers made of natural materials, as well as soft microfiber, allows you to choose a model according to the required parameters and preferences. High-quality materials used in the manufacture of the 4 seasons quilt presented in our store guarantee a long service life and a flawless appearance. Blanket 4 seasons Leleka is one of the most demanded and is in constant demand. Feedback from customers who have already bought a blanket for four seasons will help you get a complete picture of the model you like. Selection by size: one and a half, double, euro-200x220cm is greatly simplified using a filter. Delivery by the most reliable transport company in Ukraine with fixed delivery.

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