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Ranfors bedding


Bed linen from ranforce in soft, pastel colors.

               Ranfors bed linen is very popular, it shares the pedestal of the championship with such whales as satin and calico. Many buyers have rightfully appreciated the properties of this type of kits and make a choice in favor of them on an ongoing basis. It is pleasant to sleep on a comfortable bed, where you are surrounded by softness, tenderness and care. These are the qualities of ranfors sleep equipment.

Bed linen ranforce characteristics

  • Wear resistance, which is one of the highest;
  • Non-slip, adheres well to the bed;
  • Eco-friendly, made of high quality cotton fiber, which has undergone numerous degrees of purification;
  • Pleasant sensations upon contact;
  • Softness, silkiness, which remain unchanged for more than 300 washes, if you adhere to the care conditions recommended by the manufacturers.
  • It is possible to wash in hot water and soak products of a dull color.
  • Easy to care for.
  • There is no need to iron, if you shake the linen and hang it evenly before drying. Subsequently, it is necessary to carefully fold the sets and, under their own weight, the products will straighten and there will be practically no creases and creases.
  • Excellent moisture absorption, as well as quick drying, contributes to an increase in the duration of a full, high-quality sleep, especially in the summer.
  • Natural, therefore it does not cause allergies in adults or children.
  • Supports good heat exchange, you will not be cold in winter and hot in summer. Although there is an opinion that due to its lower density than coarse calico, bedding made of ranfors is not recommended to be used in the winter season. But since the main heat-insulating role is played by a blanket, bed linen is used more as a cover pleasant to the eye and body.
  • It is mainly made from 100% cotton, but some manufacturers add up to 20% polyester fibers to improve the quality. To the touch, such a fabric composition practically does not differ from a completely cotton one, but such ranforce bedding wrinkles even less, retains the color better and further improves durability.

Buy bed linen ranforce in the online store Textil.best

       Our catalog contains a large selection of color solutions, as well as designs, various density sets will allow you to choose the best option for any occasion. Cute pastel colors combined with a companion fabric or bright monochromatic models that catch the eye and become the main accents in the interior will create the necessary atmosphere of coziness and comfort, which is so necessary for complete relaxation. A filter that will simplify the selection of bed linen from ranfors, as well as reviews from other buyers and photos will give the most complete information about models from different manufacturers.

Bed linen set ranforce "Raspberry light" code: P0162 one and a half
Bed linen set ranforce "Royal" code: P0160 one and a half
Bed linen set ranforce "Summer mood" code: P0161 family
Bed linen set ranforce "Charisse" code: P0004 double euro
Bed linen ranforce "Pushistyye oblaka" code P0114 family
Bed linen ranforce "Pushistyye oblaka" code P0114 one and a half
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