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Waterproof mattress cover

Waterproof mattress cover

       It is very convenient when the fabric of the mattress topper does not allow various dirt to pass through. This protects the mattress, thereby increasing its lifespan. Liquid pollution - spilled tea or other types will not only spoil the appearance of the bed, but also make it impossible to use a smeared mattress. Since the structure of the mattress is multilayer and, as a rule, consists of materials that dry for a long time, the use of the mattress for its intended purpose will be postponed for a long period. The use of a waterproof mattress cover will eliminate such a nuisance by 100%.

Types of waterproof mattress covers

The waterproof mattress cover can be made of three types of fabrics:

  • two-layer is a combination of two fabrics, natural cotton or from other raw materials and the second, similar to a thin oilcloth, are connected together with a stitching. Mattress covers made of such fabric may not rustle very pleasantly when changing position during sleep;
  • with spraying, acrylic spraying is most often used, which prevents the fabric from being saturated with liquid, but the period of action is limited in time, most often does not exceed 8 hours;
  • waterproof mattress covers of the latest generation are made of membrane fabric, the mechanism of action lies in the fact that inside the material there are tiny holes that allow steam to pass through, but retain moisture and liquid. The latest generation waterproof mattress toppers made of membrane fabric have a breathable effect, which means that they promote free air circulation, thereby increasing the comfort of sleep;

Aqua stop mattress covers differ in overall dimensions:

children - 60x120cm;

one and a half, the most popular 90x200cm and 80x200cm;

double, mattress covers 180x200, 160 by 200 are in demand;

euro mattress covers 200 * 220;

The impervious mattress topper differs in the type of manufacture:

  1. can be with sides along the entire perimeter, which protect the ends of the mattress and prevent slipping and changing location;
  2. with elastic bands at the corners, which are worn around the edges of the mattress and securely fix it.

As a rule, a waterproof mattress topper is made of high-density cotton material, it can also be found from bamboo and, less often, from flax.

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