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Bed linen coarse calico

Calico bed linen

     Coarse calico bedding is the most popular type of home textiles. Modern industry has made it possible to make the oldest fabrics suitable for high-quality garments.

      Plain weaving, which is used to make coarse calico, allows you to get a solid base and, as a result, wear-resistant sleep sets. The variety of performance in density qualities made it possible to obtain coarse calico bed linen of various characteristics. Indeed, air permeability, heat regulation, creasing, wear resistance and moisture absorption directly depend on this indicator. This means there is an opportunity to choose a product that will suit you 100%.

       Cotton fiber, as a natural material, has a positive effect on the human body during sleep, because no one better than nature will take care of us. Pleasant tactile sensations, light roughness, as well as dullness of the surface are distinguished by coarse calico bed linen. Coarse calico bedding is beautiful and comfortable, it will last a long time without changing its qualities.

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         We do our best to make the choice in our online catalog enjoyable. Therefore, we have presented only high-quality models from leading manufacturers of Ukraine in a large assortment. The natural composition of fabrics, high-quality dyes, sufficient density, as well as factory tailoring are what distinguishes our products. More than 500 sets in various colors and design directions.

        We provide all the necessary information for a convenient and comfortable choice. Photos, descriptions, and reviews will help you compare sleep products and choose the most suitable ones. You can buy bed linen euro coarse calico, as well as one-and-a-half or double linens without leaving your home, saving time and money. Delivery is carried out by the most reliable transport operator in Ukraine. If customers have questions, our managers provide professional advice, because they know the entire range of products and their characteristics.

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