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Family bedding with two duvet covers

One of the most comfortable bedding size variations for a couple.

Family bed linen - comfortable and comfortable

      This is dictated by both different speed reactions of heat exchange in the male and female bodies, as well as personal preferences. A set of bed linen of this format is ideal during the illness of one of the spouses, excluding additional contacts during sleep and without provoking additional infection of the partner.

       The complete set - 2 or 4 pillowcases in sizes 70x70cm or 50x70cm, a sheet of euro in sizes from 200x220 to 270x260 and 2 one-and-a-half duvet covers provide convenience for two family members, at the same time allows you to feel the closeness of a loved one. Two blankets provide independence from the preferences of the husband or wife regarding the thermal regime and freely change the blanket for a lighter or warmer one. It also provides additional comfort during sleep, excluding opening, pulling the blanket.

A good sleep is an individual act that involves creating complete relaxation and comfort.

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     A wide selection of models from satin, ranfors, poplin, stripe satin will create comfort and a unique atmosphere in your home. Diverse in style of execution, as well as in subject matter, color solutions can truly enchant with their beauty, suitable for all interiors from minimalism to classic and modern. Floral, geometric, architectural, with inscriptions, with patterns, with companion fabrics - designers of garment factories develop models taking into account new trends, so the collections are regularly updated. Family bedding sets with an elasticated sheet complement this line and allow you to satisfy the most discerning taste.

     Our catalog contains high quality family bedding sets from leading Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers, which will cause only pleasant emotions and will decorate your bed. Convenient filters by size, color and subject of the picture will help you to choose the model you like quickly and easily. Feedback from other buyers will help you compare kits from different manufacturers, and photos taken outside the studio will allow you to choose the right color scheme for your interior.

Family satin bedding with companion S458 tm Tag textil
Bed linen set ranforce "Summer mood" code: P0161 family
Linen bed linen Plum 10910, family with a sheet on an elastic band
Runforce set "June" code: P0157 family
Family satin bed linen with companion S409 tm Tag textil
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