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Bed linen with an elasticated sheet

      Bedding sets with an elasticized sheet are gaining more and more popularity among customers. And an increasing number of manufacturers are ready to offer bedding sets of this modification.

      Everybody's familiar sheet very often changes its position on the couch, which causes considerable inconvenience. This can be facilitated by both the smooth surface of the fabric of the sleeping accessories and the slippery material of the upholstery of the sleeping place - the bed. The need to bring the bed to its original position leads to the need to correct the bed every day. Due to frequent crumpling, the sheet can become very wrinkled and lose its appearance, as well as interfere with proper sleep and rest.

Bed linen with an elasticated sheet is a very convenient option

      Comfort and convenience during sleep guarantees its full value, as well as good health during the day.

  • it is securely fixed on the sleeping place, thanks to elastic bands, it prevents the mattress from sliding, wrapping and exposing it.
  • will always be in good and tidy condition;
  • does not need constant restocking in the morning;
  • helps to normalize sleep;
  • does not need special conditions of care and storage;
  • not much more expensive than conventional counterparts;

Buy bed linen with a sheet on an elastic band in the online store Textil.best

           Various design options in the most current colors, which have more than 1700 models, will allow you to make a choice by evaluating reviews from other buyers, as well as photos and detailed characteristics.

          The catalog of our store contains sets for sleeping from satin, jacquard, stripe, as well as coarse calico, ranfors, percale in the most demanded dimensions. It is also possible to sew an individual set with the required parameters. To do this, you need to select the model you like and indicate the dimensions you need in the comments to the order being placed. After that, the manager will contact you to clarify all the details. Such kits are sewn on 100% prepayment, and are not subject to return and exchange (except for cases of production defects).

         Euro bed linen with a sheet with an elastic band, as well as double, one-and-a-half and family linens with delivery throughout Ukraine, without leaving your home and saving your time, you can order on our website.

        High-quality fabrics, factory sewing, a large assortment of both Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers - our goal is to make your choice pleasant and quick.

Bed linen Josie, one-and-a-half coarse calico with elastic
Bed linen Cactus, coarse calico euro on an elastic band
Linen bed linen Vanilla champagne №1403, family with a sheet on an elastic band
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