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Brand registration country
Country of origin
The cloth
Fabric density
135g /m2
Fabric structure
100% cotton
Pillowcase size
Duvet Cover Size
160х220cm (2pcs.)
Sheet size
All the features
Bed linen satin stripe family 160x220 (TM ZERON) GRI, Turkey

The cloth: Stripe-satin;

Fabric structure: 100% cotton;

Fabric density: 135g /m2;

Pillowcase size: 50x70cm; 70x70cm;

Duvet Cover Size: 160х220cm (2pcs.);

Sheet size: 240x260cm;

Equipment: Duvet cover-2pc; sheet-1pc; pillowcases-4pc;

Staryp satin bed linen from the Turkish manufacturer Zeron is a wonderful combination of affordable prices and excellent quality. The set consists of pillowcases of various sizes - 50x70cm - striped, 70x70cm - smooth. Smooth satin sheet, striped duvet cover. Duvet cover with buttons. Withstands over 300 wash cycles without losing shine.

Care instructions:

  • after purchase, be sure to wash at a water temperature not higher than 30 degrees;
  • wring out in an automatic machine at a speed not exceeding 2600 / min;
  • further washing cycles can be performed at a water temperature of 40 degrees;

Brand registration country
Country of origin
The cloth
Fabric density
Fabric structure
Pillowcase size
Duvet Cover Size
Sheet size
Reviews: 1
Татьяна Васильевна
6 1
Плотненький сатин в содружестве со тсрайп сатином смотрится очень даже неплохо.
Хорошее качество, нитки не торчат, неприятного запаха нет. Картонная упаковка, пришел комплект достаточно быстро. Менеджер связалась в течение часа после заказа-оперативно.
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Frequently asked questions about satin bedding

Bed linen satin from 708 UAH.

Bed linen satin De Luxe from 900 UAH.

Bed linen stripe satin from 810 UAH.

Bed linen satin jacquard from 1500 UAH.

It is necessary to wash satin bed linen strictly following the manufacturer's recommendations indicated on the tag. General rules state that washing should not be carried out in water with a temperature higher than 40 degrees. Exceptions are white sets, which can be washed in water heated to 60 degrees. For more information on the rules of washing, see the article Washing satin bed linen.

Ordinary satin differs from deluxe satin in the density of the weave of the threads. This indicator is different for different manufacturers, but as a rule, it is not less than 120 threads per 1 cm2. This is one of the highest values, due to which the fabric is smooth, silky and very durable. Bed linen practically does not wrinkle, as the luxury satin goes through the process of mercerization without fail.

Satin 3D is a new technology for applying a pattern to the surface of matter. Thanks to the introduction of high-precision computer technologies, it has become possible to paint bed linen with volumetric paintings that are distinguished by realism and beauty.